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OpenSpace version 1.0

OpenSpace v1 was not retired with the release of OpenSpace v2, because it is still a valid tool for developers with less demanding requirements for their projects, or reduced budgets.

The general concepts described in the overview pages are valid for both versions: both OpenSpace 1 and OpenSpace 2 share the same approach to the map creation and rendering, avatar creation, user interaction, etc.

With respect to version 2, the following features are missing in OpenSpace 1, or are less advanced.

  • SmartFoxServer version
    OpenSpace 1 is compatible with SmartFoxServer Pro only; SmartFoxServer 2X is not supported.
  • Runtime map editing
    Players can't make changes to map at runtime: map updates are only possibile inside the Editor. Also, there is no inventory system.
  • Viewport control
    When a map is zoomed, scrolling is inhibited. Also, there's less control over camera panning, the viewport can't be resized dynamically, no custom map limits can be defined.
  • Server-side extension
    OpenSpace 1 doesn't have a dedicated server-side extension: this causes the pathfinding algorithm (although being the same) to be executed on the client-side. Also, it is not possible to define custom tile terrains which modify the avatar behavior (speed, walkable areas) when moving on a map.
  • Editor
    Map assets can't be organized into separate SWF files: OpenSpace Editor v1 allows loading one SWF for tile skins and one SWF for background/foreground parts only.
  • Avatars
    It is not possible to define an avatar state, and ghost avatars are not supported.
  • User interaction
    There is no triggers system, although all tiles on the map fire avatar movement events continuously.